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June 4, 2020  

Simon Woolley EXTRA Question from photographer Amy Shore

Our question for Simon from Amy arrived after we'd recorded our podcast interview, however we managed to get Simon back to pose the question and talk a bit about selecting photographers for magazine features.

June 2, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Simon Woolley

Simon Woolley is the editor of Classic Ford magazine and the man who launched Retro Cars magazine way back in 2004. A long time friend of Retro Rides he brings an interesting perspective on magazines and car media.  We chat about his early car life, his route in to the magazine industry, launching Retro Cars and the state of play with magazines in the current climate.

May 26, 2020  

Retro Rides Road Trips and Car Holidays

This week we're talking road trips. Joining us is Andy who you may have seen on our SEMA videos, a regular organiser of road trips, here to give advice and top tips for making the most of your trips.  So whether you are thinking of a big international road going adventure or just heading a little further afield for events, jump on in and hopefully we can inspire you (once we're allowed out again!).

May 19, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Amy Shore, automotive photographer

Amy Shore shot to recognition with her more candid approach to car event photography and a very identifiable style.  Now firmly established as one of the UK's most in demand automotive photographers Amy is enjoying the challenge of road trips, the atmosphere of events and embracing the opportunities presented to her. In this podcast we talk about how she started out, what makes a good road trip, nerd out about photography and chat about her cars. I also repeatedly get the date I first became aware of her work wrong, so you can enjoy that too.

May 12, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Larry Chen

Larry Chen is a world renowned photographer whose work has appeared in Speedhunters, Motorhead, Super Street, as well as for manufacturers like Toyota and now is firmly a part of the Hoonigans family with his own Autofocus channel.  Here we chat about cars, the life of a photographer and of course the photography itself.

Catch him at

Hoonigan Autofocus :

larry_chen_photo on Instagram

Come and check out the Retro Rides community :

May 5, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Callum Seviour from Retropower

Retro Rides catches up with Cal at Retropower to discuss building incredible cars for incredible people, and how that all started.  We also have a little chat around form over function, how ridiculously fast some of the RP cars are driven and what Callum enjoyed at SEMA.  Recorded over Skype via a telephone so audio quality is adequate, but not great, however the conversation more than makes up for that.

April 28, 2020  

Retro Rides *Oooof* Thread and Judging Cars At Shows

David and Simon take a run through how winners are decided at Retro Rides events, the difficulty of judging cars, the difficulty in building cohesive cars and what makes its way in to the Retro Rides *Oooof* thread now days.

April 21, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Bryn Musselwhite

Long time car journalist, now video producer with Outrun Films, a true retro car fan from way back, we chat to Bryn Musselwhite about how he got in to cars, his career in journalism, a brief stint as a children's TV presenter, going 240mph with Juan Pablo Montoya and all the bits in between.

April 14, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Jonny Smith

Retro Rides podcast caught up with retro car enthusiast and general all round good guy Jonny Smith, to chat about old cars, the journey to being a journalist, a bit of tv and electric cars.  Always a man with an interesting story and interesting take on things, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
Check him out at:
Or on the social medias:
Twitter: @carpervert
Instagram: @jonnycarpervert
April 7, 2020  

Retro Rides History + Japan trip ramble and why you should go to shows!

David and Simon return to podcasting with a mildly rambling episode that covers the history of the forum, a weekend trip to Japan for a car show, early days of Retro Rides and some insight in to the running of it all.  Our first episode back after a 4 years break, so be gentle.

Hit up the forum at :

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