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September 17, 2020  

3 Car Garage with David ‘HoTWire’ Murphy

Well the interviewer has become the interviewee as we hand over the reins of Three Car Garage to Simon Coulson. This time, to ease things in gentle we get to delve the thoughts of David, the usual presenter for Retro Rides. With choices ranging from Japanese rarities, through to stylish grand tourers and a very practical family car we arrive at a three car garage that should let David enjoy all aspects of his car life in comfort and/or style.  There is also a bunch of discussion about what wasn't picked, which feels like cheating...

August 19, 2020  

3 Car Garage with Simon Coulson

Exciting new Podcast format time for us.  Today we ask car illustrator, Retro Rides admin and all round car dude Simon Coulson to pick his three car garage, money no object, but these are the only three cars you can have forever more.

Did you enjoy it?  Head to the forum and tell us what you thought :


August 12, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Chris Pollitt from Not 2 Grand and Car & Classic

We're very pleased to have grabbed an hour of Chris Pollitt from Car & Classic and his own Not 2 Grand blog to chat about cheaper older cars, misadventures, surprisingly good cars, Morgans, Limp Bizkit headlamp violence, never learning and, fixing a car with a Pepsi can on a campsite.  Such is the life of our friend Chris.  Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did recording it. We even managed to edit out the pre-record stuff at the start this time... *cough*

August 5, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Ian ‘Hubnut’ Seabrook

Today we're talking to a man who celebrates the average, Mr. Hubnut himself, Ian Seabrook. A long time friend of Retro Rides our conversation meanders through how he got started doing Hubnut, cars that have surprised him in both good and bad ways, the decline of the British car industry, the misunderstood gem that is the Honda Prelude, as well as road trips, those average and not so average cars. Hopefully you'll enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

His channel (if you don't know already) is  @HubNut  on Youtube.

If you fancy some more old car chat drop by

July 28, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Dave Smith from Street Machine Magazine

Super pleased to joined by Dave Smith, editor of the relaunched Street Machine magazine and previously editor at American Car Magazine.  We chat about how he got in to cars, his route to American cars, relaunching Street Machine, content for magazines, electric vehicles, Max Power, the future of modifying and all sorts of other stuff.  Always a lovely time chatting to Dave.


July 21, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Iain ‘Marv’ Kelly

Iain Kelly (aka Marv) is an automotive writer from Australia, working with the likes of Street Machine magazine as well as authoring the Mighty Car Mods book (and lending his skills with a spanner to them occasionally).  He has a great depth of knowledge of the Australian scene as well as a deep well of stories to pull from.  A very enjoyable chat was had covering cars, meeting your automotive heroes and the changes in what is an acceptable amount of power in a road car.

Find Iain on IG at : aka_marv

Retro Rides Forum for more car chat : ... yes we're still very active!

July 1, 2020  

Retro Rides Projects, Completing Builds and Car Ideas

In this episode Simon and David chat to Dan Haines about car projects, where to start (and where not to start!), how to complete them, where our ideas come from and some of our favourite future builds.

June 23, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Rob Richardson (Racer86)

Rob Richardson also known as Racer86 has a catalogue of modified cars under his belt that helped defined the retro scene in the UK. From Minis to Vauxhalls to Porsche and classic British tin, Rob has turned his hand to it all and created legendary cars. Well worth an hour of your time to get in to the head of a car builder who we will always look forward to seeing the next project from.

June 16, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Darren Rungasamy (Reallyloudcars)

Darren is a wealth of knowledge and experience which he communicates via his excellent Reallyloudcars Instagram account.  A long time associate of Retro Rides his interesting car life starts a long time before we existed though and covers a wide range of cars from aircooled VWs to the fledgling Japanese classics scene in the UK. We talk his car history, the current state of cars, photographing scrap yards and why an electric Ferrari 308 isn't a bad thing.  Find him on instagram at @reallyloudcars

June 9, 2020  

Retro Rides chats to Richard Porter (Sniffpetrol)

Really pleased to get the other half of Smith and Sniff on to the podcast, for a fairly lengthy chat as it turns out.  We cover how he got in to cars and how he ended up script editing on Top Gear, with some behind the scenes tales of the relaunch.  We chat Sniffpetrol, weird TV editing decisions, how poor gear changes ruin cars and swanning around in Rolls Royces, among other things.  Grab yourself a cup of tea (or two) and enjoy.

Richard's new book can be found here : for some delicious car trivia.

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